Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Microstory 532: Government Approves Flashbacking Interrogation

When people with special abilities were first announced to the world, there were mixed reactions. Some were hopeful for a safer future, while others were more skeptical. Some felt that time had been wasted while these people could have been doing extraordinary things for their communities, and some found interest in being part of it. One thing the primary organization responsible for these anomalies, Bellevue seemed to want to make clear was that their goal was not to save lives one at a time, but to do so on a global scale. They were concerned with improving the world through technology and enlightenment. They were actively working on ways to synthesize abilities, or at the very least, understand them, so that they could be replicated. Many such technologies exist today, and others are on the way, but we are already in the midst of experiencing a second—albeit smaller—wave of anomaly abilities. Odalis Salomon has been working with the Kansas City Police Department for a few years now. His job is simple. After a suspect submits to what has been deemed flashbacking interrogation, Salomon reaches into their memories, and determines whether they had any ties to the crime in question. There are regulations and privacy laws regarding this practice so that personal irrelevant personal details are not revealed. This doesn’t always lead to an arrest, but what it does do is allow detectives to rule out suspects with haste, leaving them free to chase down more pertinent leads. While he was working with the police, his ability was being studied by scientists and engineers.
A couple months ago, these researchers perfected a new technology that allows anyone to become a flashback interrogator. After much deliberation, certain policies were decided to protect civilians from potential abuse. Flashback interrogators, like Salomon, are only permitted to initiate approved flashbacks, and to only reveal relevant information, and to only reveal it to a particular chain of command. Details on education are still being worked out, but the researchers and government policymakers want to assure the public that every step in safety is being taken into consideration. Proper training and an intensive screening process will be required for anyone seeking to enter this new profession. Other limitations have been placed on these non-anomaly flashbackers. Artificial flashbacking ability wears off after several hours; about as long as necessary to finish a workday shift. Only flashbackers are capable of utilizing the daily medical doses. Not only are these doses heavily monitored, but anyone who did not undergo the initial modification procedure will experience no change in mental ability, if they were to happen to get their hands on the doses. This compartmentalization leads to a more robust level of security. For further information regarding the Usonian government’s approval of flashback technology, please contact your local legislative branch. For information regarding applying for a position as a flashback interrogator, flashback technician, or related field, we recommend you contact local law enforcement.

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