Monday, September 4, 2017

Microstory 661: Return the Belt of Andrea

Long before the galaxy of Fostea was settled, our ancestors lived on a single planet in Lactea. Due to some unsanctioned scientific experiments, there lived for a time a group of people with extraordinary abilities. It was often these who inspired many of the technologies we now take for granted today, including our ability to reach faster-than-light speeds through simplex dimensions. During this time, a contemporary of these anomalous peoples carried with her a special belt that allowed her to simplex dimensional space pass unharmed through solid walls. It was an even more ancient invention that had been passed down her family line since its creation. After her death, the belt lied dormant in a warehouse, along with a number of other ancient technologies. It was eventually rediscovered, and claimed by someone who would later come to be known as Eido Andrea. Though powerful when used by the vigilante, technological progress had moved on by the time the belt fell into the hands of Andrea. She kept it mostly for the way it looked, but did also use it innocuously in order to avoid having to open doors. Andrea was a companion of Peter Fireblood’s, and had no intentions of having much to do with Fostea. But she was moved by the Sacred Savior’s words, and little by little, she began to believe. In time, she left Peter Fireblood’s side, and joined the Light of Truth. As punishment for this, Peter Fireblood stole the special belt from her, and sent it back to Lactea, where it has remained ever since. When the small group of Irritants arrived in our galaxy just before the taikon began, they brought with them a few relics from the past, including the Belt of Andrea. They likely did not know what it was at the time, but eventually learned what they had. After witnessing the realization of so many foretold taikon, the Irritants started figuring out that maybe their evil works against the Light were not such a good idea. Maybe they would lose this war, maybe they were on the wrong side, and maybe they didn’t want to die in the process. In order to garner some goodwill from the Lightseers, they offered to return the Belt of Andrea to Ileana Ulaire, who had long been appointed as the replacement for the original Eido Andrea. She accepted this gift, and a level of cautious peace was finally reached.

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