Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Microstory 662: Replace Eido Tamsin

Tamsin, a.k.a. Tamsin the Judge, a.k.a. the most famous doubter in history was the least popular of th eidos. She was also the only eido to die before the Sacred Savior. Sotiren Zahir spoke of her at her memorial service, and his eulogy was posthumously added to the one of the final chapters of the Book of Light. The following is what he said that shed some light on why he chose her to be an eido, and what made her so important.

Tamsin never wanted to be one of my eidos. She started out less of a follower, and more of a rival. Not everyone was okay with my thoughts on how Fostea should be organized, and Tamsin was part of a group who strongly opposed me. She was not sent in, strictly speaking, as a spy. She made no attempt to hide her true motivations. She was there to make sure I didn’t do anything crazy, like decide half the people who wanted to go to the new home galaxy weren’t worthy to live amongst us. I slowly convinced her that my intentions were pure, and that I only ever wanted the best for our people. I did this through reason and perseverance, not coercion or violence.  Fortunately, she never lost her instinct to be skeptical. She continued to question my choices, and instead of harming the process, she only strengthened it. Every time she found a mistake or issue with one of my suggestions, we were able to work on it together, and make it decent. You literally have no idea how terrible this place would be without her. Honestly, and you know that I don’t like to be so harsh, but you all owe her your lives. And so do I. She was the best of us, because she never let it be easy. Her job was to make us great...and damn did she deliver.
In the spirit of Tamsin’s original contribution to the cause, the replacement for her in modern times was chosen out of a group of people who rejected the Light. They did not simply reject the teachings of the Book of Light. They were born to it, but eventually grew up to make their own decisions, specifically the decision to go against the faith. Furthermore, this shortlist of people spoke out against the Light, but in a far more constructive way than any standard rival. Though we disagree with their sentiments, their objective is to make things better, rather than simply detract and spread hate. They are true Tamsins, and one of them would have to be chosen to fulfill this role more manifestly. His name is Sanctius Viktorov.

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