Monday, September 11, 2017

Microstory 666: Dawning of the Merciful Warriors

Technically, this taikon began before the sixty-fifth one, but the Book of Light allows some wiggle room. The merciful warriors began out of necessity, as foretold in the taikon passages. Honestly, anyone in the galaxy could have taken this responsibility, but not everyone would be interested in this type of thing. From their perspective, their decision to transform themselves, instead of allowing some other group to change, made the most sense, partially because of their name. Once mercenaries for hire, they have changed their mission from that of profit, to that of justice. Following their rescue of a group of hailstorm refugees, they made an announcement on the Pangalactic Bulletin Board. This is what they said about their new line of work:
We of Dayspring Regis have chosen to begin traveling a new path. Not everyone in our regiment is as dedicated to the Light as others, but we all believe in the truth that it teaches. And we believe the existence of a force for goodness and justice is paramount to the survival of Fostea. No longer will we allow chaos to reign under the guise of freedom. We are the authority. We now decide who lives, who dies, and who wins. Our numbers are growing, and we will begin to install outposts across the stars. If ever you want to do something that harms someone else, you will first have to ask our permission. We are...the Warriors of Mercy.

The Book of Light predicts that the merciful warriors will bring about great change to the galaxy. It does not say how exactly, but that not everyone will be okay with these changes. It sounds like things are going to be operating a lot differently than before. Whether these new Warriors of Mercy will be able to maintain their control over the worlds for an extended period of time is something we’ve yet to know. They could be replaced quickly. The taikon foretells that they must be created...not that they must survive beyond that.

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