Monday, September 18, 2017

Microstory 671: A Continent Rises From the Ocean

While the luxury ship called Greenleaf was scanning the remnants of Delena and Steroline for survivors, they received a new set of E285FF distress calls. These ones were coming from Doppel a, which was the first in the binary Doppel system. Greenleaf made a quick jump to the orbit of Jerebelle, the stars single populated planet, to find it in the midst of fulfilling yet another taikon. A massive tremor was shaking the lands of all five continents presently on the surface of the orbital, all in preparation for the ascension of a sixth, which was foretold in the Book of Light. The Eylon Ocean took up the majority of the southeastern tetrasphere of Jerebelle, with almost no dry islands. This was the source of the disturbance, and the Lightseeing passengers and crew of the Greenleaf knew exactly what was happening. Seeing an opportunity to make a little extra cash, the crew began to evacuate as many sea vessels from the Eylon Ocean as possible, starting with the most expensive. Though they understood what was happening to Jerebelle, they didn’t know who would be able to survive, if anyone. Before the Greenleaf could rescue everyone, the lands of a new continent began to rise from the under the ocean, and take its place on the surface. A few vessels that hadn’t evacuate actually did survive this sudden arrival, but mostly only the ones who happened to have been floating over prairies and plains. Others were struck by mountaintops, trees, and other topographical obstructions. In a matter of hours, the flood waters had receded, leaving Jerebelle with new chances for housing and development. The ones who had been there when it happened, including the ones transported to the luxury liner, were given initial control of the continent. In honor of their rescuers, they named it Greenleaf. Scientists still aren’t sure exactly what caused the Nation of Greenleaf to come out of the water, proving that even in our advanced age, there is still a little room for a few miracles from the Light of Prosperity.

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