Thursday, September 21, 2017

Microstory 674: Forgiveness for Traitors

Though it may break the hearts of true Lightseers, we understand how difficult it can be to hold onto faith. The purpose of the Light is not to provide answers...but to illuminate the path so you can find them yourself. For some, this can be a hard reality to accept. Life is not meant to be all laid out in front of you where you can do whatever you want, have conflicting objects of desire, and never work for anything. Life takes commitment, struggle, and sometimes even sacrifice. Realizing this can be the first step towards finding peace in one’s fortunes, which will allow you to move forward, and attain your dreams. But there’s also a dangerous possible outcome, one that can send even the most devoted into the darkness. We call this a crisis of faith, and if gone unchecked, it can result in a complete betrayal of one’s religious dedication. It’s okay to question your faith, and wonder whether what you believe is something worth believing, or at all true. This can lead to a dialogue between believers, which can strengthen everyone’s resolve. But at the end of the day, the Light is the truth, and its veracity does not rely on any one person believing in it. In fact, it doesn’t rely on anyone’s belief. We could all start thinking that all moons are made out cheese, but that doesn’t mean it will suddenly become the truth. The Sacred Light is all, and it shines upon everything, no matter what. Doubt in this, unfortunately, is capable of going too far, pushing the once-believer into betraying their faith altogether. When this happens, their loved ones will often try to pull them back into the Light, quite frequently to no avail. They have become traitors, and we feel a deep sense of sadness for them, not hatred. We pity their failure to live up to Lightseed ideals. Eventually, when all attempts have been exhausted, Lightseers closest to the traitors must turn their back on them as well. It does not go against our faith to intermingle with nonbelievers, but it is discouraged when it involves toxic ideas. Their darkness can overcome the faithful, and turn them against us all. It could potentially lead to a cascade effect, turning everyone within a population, one by one. Though we have lived this way for centuries, the taikon have foretold that the traitors must be forgiven, so that is what we have done. We have altered our practices. Lightseers are now encouraged to restart contact with their traitorous loved ones, not necessarily in an attempt to bring them back, but out of pure love. Afterall, that is what Lightseed really is about; the love and warmth of family.

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