Friday, September 8, 2017

Microstory 665: Acceptance of the Enemies

A few things came to light following the realization of the Hailstorm of Love. Some people were so desperate to make it happen that they went against the rules of the taikon, and tried to orchestrate it. They used weather control technology to create and intensity a hailstorm on a planet out of its season. The thinking was that, if it could never hail on its own, it would be sufficiently rare enough to qualify. Normally, the Light would ignore this infraction, for it did not have any bearing on the actual taikon, but something else happened as a result. The planet they chose as their site for the storm happened to be inhabited by a small but powerful group enemies. Their beliefs are not relevant to the situation, but they were a not insignificant threat to the Light of Truth. Many of their kind died in the storm. Their loss, and the destruction of their homes, led the survivors to flee their world, seeking refuge wherever they could find it. By this point, the Light had overtaken the greatest number of believers ever. The newly converted were especially hostile toward any threat against the Light...placing the refugees firmly in danger. These refugees thought for sure that they would suffer a similar fate to their brethren, but then something happened. A group of mercenaries arrived and provided safe passage through the galaxy, ultimately transplanting them on Kesliperia, where they were duly accepted by the grateful converts from Lapsar...and our numbers grew further.

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