Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Microstory 673: Book of Mateo

We often credit Sotiren Zahir with the Book of Light, and it’s true that he was the primary author, but it was still a collaborative effort. The Book is actually a collection of “books” that fit best with describing and affirming the Lightseer’s way of life. It recounts historical events, as well as predicting future ones, and it gives an outline of Lightseed culture. It is one gigantic tome, leading readers to be grateful that we no longer rely on books printed on animals. Of all the books collected in the Book of Light, there is one missing. One of the most common questions that come from our youngsters still learning to accept the Light is why is there no Book of Mateo? This can be added to the mountain of questions regarding Eido Mateo, some of which have recently been cleared up. What we now knows is that Mateo was never what he was. The man we know by that name was at the time being possessed by the consciousness of the man we love as one of our founders. It is his wisdom that we should be searching for. Unfortunately, this man never stays in one body for too long, and his true name has never been revealed. The resurrected Sotiren has recently admitted that even he is capable of missing out on key information that’s hidden in the darkness. He was not aware of his lover Mateo’s true nature when he first spoke of the Book of Light’s need of an addendum. He had predicted long ago that the Book of Mateo actually had already been written, and would eventually be found, and included in a later edition. In a press conference, he expressed his sorrow over the news that this would not be. He was concerned about what would happen to the taikon, and didn’t know if there was any way for them to continue. Out of all the obstacles keeping the Light from covering all, could this be the one that snuffs it out entirely? As fate would have, this was not so. The Book of Mateo does indeed exist, one offering a new perspective on life and reality. As a 52-volume set, The Advancement of Mateo Matic recounts the life of the man born with the name, before and after being possessed by the eido. Taking place in another universe, this story involves time travel, loss, and opposition. A physical copy of it was discovered in a secret cargo hold of the Bar Catel as it was being prepared for a later taikon. Though it’s still unclear who exactly wrote these volumes, they were quickly adapted for their new audience, and will be inserted into the newest edition of the Book of Light.

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