Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Microstory 663: Slaughter of the Unfaithful

Many people have had crises of faith, and many have ultimately succumbed to the darkness, losing their commitment to Lightseed altogether. We mourn the loss of these, our once-friends. We pity them, we try to bring them back into the Light, and we continue to love them regardless. Though they have lost their faith, they are not who we mean when we talk about the “unfaithful”. When you bring hundreds of billions of people together under one religion, you’re bound to end up with a few who are not of the best moral character. These do not truly belong to the Sacred Light, and though we know this to be true, we have no process to remove them from our organization. Again, they are not the ones we’re talking about. A truly unfaithful Lightseer is one who’s been entrusted with the leadership of the faithful. They may be Highlightseers, or of mid-level ranks, but what they all have in common is that people rely on them for guidance. They have betrayed this sacred trust, and become a secret force for evil, darkening the skies of the divine. These insidious beings often go for years, perhaps decades, wielding their power, and using it towards terrible ends. They are hard to spot, and their evil deeds even harder to stop. Proving what they truly are can be extremely difficult, especially since many of them can’t even admit to themselves what they are. Murder isn’t illegal in this galaxy, nor is war, but there are still limits. If ever a single entity gathers enough power to massacre a significant portion of the population, though no central government exists to do anything about it, they will usually be stopped by someone equally as powerful. Rarely has it come to this in our history, but it has happened before. In this case, it was over almost before it started. In order to fulfill the sixty-third taikon, a group of true Lightseers took it upon themselves to weed out the unfaithful, and destroy them in one fell swoop. They were all placed in confinement for this, and will never be released, but their duty had been done, and that was good enough for them. It may be one of the more unsavory aspects of the Book of Light, but necessary for our righteous needs.

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