Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Microstory 672: Find the Ring of Migration

Over the course of these taikon, a few bits of information have come to light. Previously, we believed Eido Feivel to have very little to do with founding of our galaxy. As it turns out, he had everything to do with it. Much like the First Ring, the Ring of Migration was a powerful piece of technology that scientists have never been able to study. We had heard of it as Sacred Savior, Sotiren Zahir wrote on it in the Book of Light. He never did say, however, who wore the Ring. He, in fact, never once mentioned that anyone wore it at all. It was always just assumed that he was the one, though no one had any recollection of seeing him with it, in addition to the First Ring. Through the discovery of historical documents we did not know existed, we learned that it was Eido Feivel who wore the Ring of Migration. It was an immense source of power, capable of summoning hordes of people without them realizing it. After we fled from our communist ancestors, we were waylaid on Earth. There we built secret hidden cities so that we would not disturb the development of native Earthans. This is a literally universal law that even we are bound to follow. Though we were all searching for a home, some of our population at the time had decided that Earth was good enough. There was already a secret immigrant civilization that had been established centuries ago. Some of our people figured that, if the Atlantians could do it, why couldn’t we? Our numbers were far too high to remain out of view of the Earthans forever, so we had to go. But still…they resisted. What Feivel was able to do while wielding his ring was attract all soon-to-be Fosteans onto the exodus ships, bring them through the red simplex dimension, and land them on the staging worlds. We had no idea he had done this, instead assuming that true believers had somehow managed to convince everyone that they all needed to leave. In retrospect, this made more logical sense, because as mentioned, so many of people were on Earth. The logistics of this endeavor could only be surrendered to the strength of the Light. In modern day, researchers learned that Feivel had grown ashamed of his hand in essentially mind-controlling unwillful migrants. Out of defiance, he threw the ring into the water of a then completely random planet. It would later be settled as Jerebelle, with one of its oceans named Eylon. When the new continent rose from the sea, it brought up with it Feivel’s ring. One of the seagoers who had managed to survival the upheaval happened it upon it as he was searching for his emergency provisions. He contacted Greenleaf, the luxury liner, and requested transport to Narvali. The Ring of Migration now belonged to new eido, Agantai Bauriter, who was still in the middle of negotiations with the Dodulkori.

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