Friday, September 1, 2017

Microstory 660: Gathering of the Highlightseers

At the moment Enaji Habicht placed the First Ring on his finger, a summoning spread out across Fostea. Every Highlightseer in the galaxy suddenly teleported to Enaji’s planet, in and around the cemetery. The first Highlightseers rose to power around the time that the last of the original eidos were disappearing. As much as Sotiren Zahir wrote in the Book of Light, he never really touched on the subject of community leadership. He presumably felt that the structure had to develop naturally on its own. The Sacred Savior did not want to interfere with whatever his followers wanted out of their faith after he died. Highlighteers are never appointed, nor elected. They come to be by proving themselves to have the utmost faith and dedication to the cause. They must spend the majority of their time studying, and promoting the religion’s teachings, especially towards those who do not yet believe. Never in the entire history of our civilization have they all been together in the same place. Everyone always knew that one day, there would have to be a gathering of the Highlightseers, but no one knew how that could happen. The logistics of such a thing would be damn near impossible to accommodate. Choosing the location alone could take weeks. Even amidst the achievement of the taikon, a Highlightseer’s job is never done. We must all continue to live our lives, and only contribute to the prophecies when called upon by the Light. As said before, no one really knows what the First Ring is. We know only that Sotiren never removed it from his finger until it was lost to him shortly before his death. Someone completely unknown to the records ended up hiding it somewhere, but no one had any idea where. In the end, it was exactly where it needed to be in order to gather all the Highlightseers together through powerful technology. It was time to get down to business, and make some decisions vital to the future.

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