Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Microstory 682: Remember the Sufferers Part I

As previously stated, there aren’t very many holiday observances in Fostea. There is one that we could have started long ago, but were essentially forbidden to by the Book of Light. Sacred Savior Sotiren Zahir first proposed a day to reflect on those who have been lost to our cause back when he was first writing the Book. It was his wishes that his followers not actually participate in anything like this until the taikon had begun. When asked why he felt this way, the following was his response.

You can’t legitimately remember something that just happened, or is still in the middle of happening. Doing this would be completely pointless. Everything is still fresh in your mind, and that is when you should be taking action. There’s a reason every culture we’ve encountered in the entire universe—save Earth—mourns their dead for a period of four days. We recognize that all important events are processes, rather than static moments in time. You have to leave a little buffer between when it first began, and when you start thinking about it. Otherwise, you can’t really have any perspective, can you? You have to have both experienced something, and also experienced what came of it to have this perspective. That’s why I don’t want this observance to yet exist. Many have died protecting The Light, but many more will die for the same reason. I’m not saying all suffering will end once the taikon begin, but our greatest obstacles should be over by then. If this is not the case, then may the Light protect us all, for I fear we are destined to meet our end at the hands of The Liar.
Zahir is referring to the final taikon, which is not a prediction, but a consequence. If we have served The Light well, and met the taikon with dignity and truth, we should be protected for eternity. If, however, we have failed, then the Savior worries we will be overcome by darkness, and ruled by a mysterious entity known as The Liar. This is why the taikon are so profoundly important. If we don’t get this right, we will not get another chance, and we will be doomed to a world of nothing but torment and misery. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels, but we must also remember all that we have been through up to this point; all pain that we have conquered; everyone who sought to destroy us. The new holiday has been instituted, and now, we will remember the sufferers.

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