Friday, October 20, 2017

Microstory 695: Peace in the Galaxy for War in the Void

Immediately following the discovery of the Amadesin threat in the higher dimensions, the largest meeting in our history was held. A specialty construction company had already built a stadium capable of accommodating all of Fostea’s world leaders, even though they didn’t know they would need it. It was constructed on Enaji Habicht’s home planet of Grevé, which was unexpectedly becoming the hub for Highlightseers. Many things were discussed across many meetings; some involving everyone, others smaller factions. We hadn’t planned on doing this, nor did we design our culture around such a thing. The whole idea is to be completely decentralized. Every ruler is meant to lead their people to their own liking, free from the interference of others, save in the case of war. To that end, however, we realized that something needed to be changed. Lightseers were in the middle of a massive war against nonbelievers on multiple fronts. This was spreading everyone’s resources thin, and though it was foretold in the Book of Light, it ultimately wasn’t doing anyone any good. The danger now lies externally, in a foreign land, by a civilization of Amadesin remnants who call themselves the Thuriamen. Evidently, they are the last surviving faction of the pervasive and despicable religion of the old worlds. Their particular tenets of faith, as contrasted with rival factions, are irrelevant. What we know of them is that they seek to poison the entire universe with their misguided and dark beliefs. The vast majority of their own people live in utter darkness, navigating solely by the glow of dim artificial lights, just enough to not walk off a cliff, if that. We even believe that the people who the religious leaders force to live this way are not even casually aware of the very concept of sunshine. It is not these poor souls we are concerned with, but the elite upper class who seek to control their lives—exercising domination not through fear or love, but total ignorance. It is our custom to stay out of other people’s business, but this we cannot let stand, and most leaders who met on Grevé agree. Now is the time to abandon our traditions in favor of saving an entire population from the bonds of their oblivion; to spread the Light of Life to those who need it most. Highlightseers, in a joint announcement with representatives from all opposing forces, have revealed that a staggeringly monumental army will be assembled. All concerned have signed a peace treaty, declaring a ceasefire indefinitely, if not permanently, and will be redirecting their troops to a new mission. We will no longer seek to harm each other; but instead spread truth, battling anyone intent on shrouding others in their twisted darkness. The Pangalactic Fleet deploys today.

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