Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Microstory 702: Open the Book of Anseluka

The Book of Anseluka. It is a mysterious tome that has been kept locked in the Sacred Savior’s original office for centuries. We have always known that it existed, but have never seen it, and do not know what it says. In the hiding place of the Ring of Expansion, a team found with it a note from Sotiren himself. In it, he briefly explains that the Ring cannot be used, which would be fine with us, because we believe we can win this war without it. Frighteningly, however, it also says that we must now finally open the Book of Anseluka, which could say anything. The code to open Zahir’s safe was written on the back of the note. Once that safe was opened, we found another note, instructing us to read the introductory passage of the book out loud on the same frequency the Grandmother in the Moon used. When asked about this, the resurrected Sacred Savior grew quiet, and said only that what must be done, must be done. So we did as we were told, and read from the Book of Anseluka, for all to hear.

If you are reading this after the realization of the 121st taikon then congratulations! You have accomplished the impossible. Your lives will be filled with success and peace. No blasphemer will speak lies of you, no enemy will tear you down, no invader will breach your borders. You may burn this book without reading further, and forget that it ever existed. If you are reading this before the realization of the hundredth taikon, please close it immediately. It is not yet time. If, on the third hand, you were instructed to read this based on the outcome of the hundred and first taikon, then I apologize immensely. Every taikon in the Book of Light from here on out will be impossible to attain. They will be forever out of your reach. If you have not yet found a way to make peace with your enemies, you will still have the chance to redeem yourselves, but the state of the galaxy will have to change dramatically. This short book outlines the requirements for a new set of the remaining nineteen taikon, ones which you have never heard before. To be clear, this is not punishment, but a new path, and a new way towards everlasting peace. Your next step is to publish this book for all to read, and follow if they wish. After that, you may continue with the taikon as organically as you were (hopefully) doing with the preceding taikon.

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