Thursday, October 19, 2017

Microstory 694: Creating the Fruit of Gentleness

Despite growing concerns regarding the future of the human race in all galaxies, the taikon must continue. The ninety-third required the quantum darkness to spread, but it did not have to end in order for the next taikon to take place. For the last few years, a team of scientists on a moon of Protanr, Bereshith called Ekar—the only terraformed natural satellite—began working on a genetic engineering project. This is just one more piece of evidence that the taikon are real, and originate through the Divine Light. We didn’t know when the taikon would begin, but this team’s research coincides perfectly with them, because they were finally finished with their product after all this time. They had created the Fruit of Gentleness...though technically, it’s not actually a fruit. It would probably be best described as a meat, even though it was grown in a laboratory, rather than on living organism. It falls into this category because it contains structured proteins and fibers similar to what one might find in a piece of real meat. Along with its superficial design components, it was engineered to target specific areas of the brain, general neural system, and muscles. Its purpose is to mediate temperament, placing consumers in a state of peace and calm. It relaxes the muscles, allowing people to continue moving about their day, but do so with less tension or angst. It does not facilitate neurotransmitters, nor trick the mind into feeling pleasure. It also doesn’t lower one’s inhibitions, or prevent them from making sound and safe decisions. It simply makes them feel more comfortable in their own skin, so they can focus more on the situation at hand, rather than dwell in the past. Side effects do include increased patience and humility, and a placid response to aggression, but not usually enough to destroy man’s natural inclination towards self-preservation, or their ambition. The fruit hit the market today on the central worlds, and will be distributed beyond in the coming weeks. Perhaps this will help soothe people’s nerves when it comes to living under this terrible darkness, and threat of full-on war with the Amadesin remnant.

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