Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Microstory 692: Discover Perjury

While a small group of Fosteans were investigating the Amadesin threat from Earth, and the elites were discussing what we were going to do about it, the rest of the people in the galaxy were going about their day. In a sort of mundane, but still important, taikon prediction, we were charged with uncovering the truth about a court case. We had to find a witness, in apparently any Circuit of Truth, who had perjured themselves. These kind of incidents happen all the time in a galaxy of hundreds of billions of people. Though lying is not at all illegal, if discovered, it can delegitimize the ruling of a court case, so it’s important that they be found. For the last few days, lawyers, judges, and other impacted field representatives were searching for a case of perjury that might be worthy of being deemed the one foretold in the Book of Light. As the prior taikon were being rapidly realized, it was decided by the Highlightseers that they really just needed to accept whichever one came next. To this end, a group of arbitrators settled on a relatively recent case involving the theft, abduction, murder, and arson. A witness provided testimony claiming to have spotted one of the defendants purchasing the necessary fire accelerants and equipment at a supply shop located on the moon orbiting the planet where the offense took place. Though this defendant was proven to have participated in the other three offenses in question, the circuit had no choice but to free him from sentence of servitude, and return him to general society. Verifiers were unsure if this could be trusted as the true fulfillment of the ninety-second taikon, but before the were able to test it using the Ring of Law, they found their proof. As soon as bars of the released convict’s pending cell closed behind him, the stars in Fostea succumbed to the quantum darkness for a second time. But that was the least of our worries, for the darkness had secretly spread to other galaxies, moving completely undetected. Out of all stars in the Lactean galaxy, only Earth’s was spared this new quantum darkness, but that wouldn’t last. If we did not find a way to destroy this once and for all, every star in the Earthan sky would disappear with no explanation.

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