Friday, October 27, 2017

Microstory 700: A World Reseeded With Life

The Thuriamen tried to ruin the Fostean spirit by destroying one of our most precious planets, Poreia by using its own sun against it. Not only did they fail, but they only ended up intensifying our determination. Military service is not mandatory, nor have we ever considered the possibility of such a thing. For as much as we employ the Earthan method, we will never require people to fight for any cause they don’t believe in, or even do believe in, but don’t wish to fight for. That is a personal decision that no one has the right to impose on anyone else. Sadly, this can have the added effect of lowering our ability to contend with our enemies. The Thuriamen have a service policy allowing conscription anyone...of any age...for any duration...with no compensation. We could never do this to our own people, but we’re finding that we don’t need to. Since this horrendous and uncalled for attack on an innocent planet, the Pangalactic Fleet has seen an unprecedented increase in volunteers. So many people have been moved to fight for their worlds that we’ve had to build new ships just to accommodate them all. Our ratio against our enemies is still lower than we would like, but we have something they never could. We believe. We love our galaxy, our culture, and justice. Though the Thuriamen leaders may think God is on their side, what we fight for is greater than any false god: each other. The total inclusivity, and immoral obligation, of the Thuriamen approach to conscription may give them a hefty number of warm bodies, but they have very few dedicated warriors. Most of their soldiers are only there because it’s compulsory, not because they want to be, or because they think it’s the right thing to do. Our intel even shows strong evidence that the majority of their population has grown up so sheltered and limited, that they have no clue what it is they’re even doing. We know that there are no suns in the dimensions they live in, but there also aren’t even windows on their battleships, so when they are ordered to fire weapons, they can’t see what their guns are trained on. Hell, they may not even know that they’re firing weapons, or understand what weapons are in the first place. We are currently working on a way to convert some of the more unmotivated soldiers onto our side, either by having them fight for us, or defect to our citizenry, and begin learning the truth about the universe. We will win this war, no matter how long it takes, and once we do, the Light of Truth and Love will shine upon our faces once more.

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