Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Microstory 698: Quantum Darkness Declines

We’ve been fighting a war on two primary fronts, and have been doing this for years. Some battles are fought against people; with weaponry, blood, and loss. Others are fought against the quantum darkness, which has proven itself to be stronger than we previously believed. Every star in every galaxy in the cluster has been shrouded from sight, destroying most life. Entire planets in Fostea, for instance, have been abandoned, for they are no longer capable of sustaining life in any meaningful way. There’s a reason why humans don’t live permanently in the blackness of interstellar space. Well now, all star systems basically exist under these same conditions. The only thing characteristic they retain from before is their orbits, for the stars are still there, just covered. Those living in places with fewer resources were relocated to the central worlds, and other, more wealthy, civilizations. This process was supported by the Ring of Migration, a powerful tool wielded by new eido, Agantai Bauriter. The economy has suffered immensely from this, especially since a great deal of our collective resources have been redirected to the traditional war battles. It has forced us to adapt our ways to something more restrictive, and less free. Though we still adhere to capitalism, we have developed regulations that to make sure our resources are allocated to the appropriate places. No longer can we survive with anyone accumulating whatever they work hard enough for. Though we are nowhere near the level of mainstream parity of the dirty communists, we now live more like Earthans. Nations on Earth are primarily labor-based, with strong emphasis on the correlation between hard work and fortune. There are programs, however, that provide for people who are less capable, so that the market remains somewhat stable. We’ve learned a lot from the Earthans these last few years that has saved us from complete annihilation. The most faithful of us still believe we will return to a culture of freedom, but for now, the Earthan method will have to do. We have studied the problem of the quantum darkness, with experts sharing knowledge at an unprecedented level. Together, they have figured out how to begin defeating this evil. As a gift to Earth, and out of obligation, we have used this new information to begin turning the lights back on, to be metaphorical. We’ve started with the ones closest to Earth so they won’t notice that anything was ever wrong.

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