Thursday, October 12, 2017

Microstory 689: Recognition of the Resurrection

The new force of Faith could not have come at a more opportune time. A special subsection of the verifiers were tasked with determining whether the resurrected Sacred Savior was truly what he was purported to be. They have been working on this ever since he first returned. They held discussions—some private, some with audiences. They consulted with scientists and other experts. They referred back to the Book of Light, Sotiren Zahir’s personal memoirs, and other related literature, like the Book of Ivanka. They interviewed the resurrected one several times, and monitored how he behaved under uncontrolled conditions. Though they kept the details secret, they did recently reveal to the public that they were only marginally closer to an answer than they were when they first began. A few of today’s recent events started turning the tables on their progress, however. Firstly, we learned that the resurrected one traveled from a planet called Shalda, to a planet called Mubhir, during the darkness. The star that Shalda orbits was the first to be cleansed of the quantum darkness, and Mubhir’s was the last. Though we still have no real idea how it is that the darkness was abated, we take this as a divine signal that we should fully trust him. While the Ring of Law seems generally incapable of verifying taikon which have already been accepted as canon, it tested positive upon exposure to the resurrected. This seems like pretty conclusive evidence that we have not somehow been tricked by the Darkness, or some other opposing force. Furthermore, the special council of verifiers sort of laid out a tentative time limit for themselves, expecting to have an answer by this very day. It would seem like nothing could stop the resurrected from being officially recognized as the true Sacred Savior, but it was the Book of Marsali that really sold it to the verifiers, the Highlighters, the Lucidares, and common Lightseers across the galaxy. Marsali reminded us that faith is still faith, and that no amount of proof is strong enough to tear it down. Though the Book of Light warns us of trusting false idols, we must also remember the guidance of the Light of Truth. We must rely on the belief that it will protect us against evil. So this is what we have done. The verifiers released a statement today, confirming that the man we thought to be the Sacred Savior, Sotiren Zahir, was exactly what he appears to be: our hope.

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