Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Microstory 683: Remember the Sufferers Part II

Since this holiday we have created is a new one, we didn’t know how we were meant to observe it. In fact, we didn’t even know what to call it. Highlightseers started to determine the details before the lost man was made to remember, but once Meliton Rete was suddenly cured from EQUA, they discovered that they didn’t need to. He had their collective propositions, all in his head. Literally. At first everybody thought that his suggestions were completely original, but a few tests gave evidence of something completely different. Rete was suffering from quantum amnesia, which meant that his memories were floating around spacetime somewhere. When they were returned to his mind, they somehow brought with them lots of other people’s thoughts as well. Over the centuries, people have thought about, and discussed with each other, their faith. They would consider what each taikon means, what the rest of the Book of Light might have to do with the universe, and just...everything. Anything and everything. All of these notions had the potential to be sent to Rete’s mind, but we believe only the best ones did so. His brain rearranged them in a cohesive vision; an amalgamation of how all Lightseers think things should be. It was Rete who proposed that our new holiday be called Daglit. It was he who recommended how each faction should remember the sufferers. But in reality, this is the general consensus, and Meliton Rete has somehow become the vessel for that. Though we share a history, we’ve all been through different things, and we all have different perspectives. Rete understood not only this maxim, but how each faction would see this day, and how they would recognize those they’ve lost. In less than one day, he wrote an entire book, spelling out the differences and similarities between the practices. We now know what to do, and it starts tomorrow.

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