Monday, October 9, 2017

Microstory 686: Find the Ring of Law

Since the taikon began, a special group of Lightseers have been going around to verify the validity of them. We can’t just take anyone’s word for it. Simply claiming an action to qualify as a taikon is not enough, so it is absolutely vital that we make sure they are truly happening. Still, as dedicated and intelligent as the verifier council is, they are as flawed as anyone. Some of their rulings have come into question by people wishing to ensure the integrity of the system. We do not condemn these challenges, for without them, our faith could not truly be pure. The primary creed of Lightseed is rely only one oneself, but trust in others. This statement may seem self-contradictory, but it is the most important thing anyone can learn on their journey through the Light. It tells us that no one in this universe can get you what you need except for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. Let people help you as they can. Be wary of their motives, but do not dismiss them outright. You never know what damage you can do to your own agenda by ignoring relationships that can make, or break, you. It is with this maxim that we not only allow challenges to Lightseed decisions, but encourage them. If we never hear more than one perspective, then we can’t really ever know whether ours is the right one. Out of all challenges drawn against the taikon verifications, not a single one has resulted in a reversal of their ruling. So far, every taikon has been accepted as the right one, and we have been able to successfully move on to the next ones. The Book of Light warns us, however, that things might be getting a little more difficult. We won’t necessarily be able to depend on the way we’ve been doing things. Though the quantum darkness has seemingly been eradicated, it remains in each and every one of us. We were all profoundly affected by its emptiness, Lightseers and nonbelievers alike. That will continue have an impact on everything we do from now on, up until the foreseeable future. It was important, then, that we find the Ring of Law, which is said to be powerful enough to discern the legitimacy of anything, taikon included. We never knew what happened to the ring centuries ago, but we know where it is now. If the quantum darkness did any good, it was to show us the way. Out of all that blackness, one shining light overwhelmed all others. Its location was marked on a dead moon that orbits Hiereus, which was where the original Eido Seamus spent a great deal of time. From now on, we will no longer have to count on but the words of the verification council. We will have proof. All we need to do now is carry out a ceremony bequesting the Ring of Law to the new Eido Seamus.

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