Monday, December 12, 2016

Microstory 471: Floor 15 (Part 2)

Contractor Coordinator: Hey, do you know where Construction Administrator is?
Electrical Contractor: He went upstairs to speak with the president, I guess.
Contractor Coordinator: Oh, he must have gotten stuck during the lockdown.
Electrical Contractor: Yeah, or...
Contractor Coordinator: Or what?
Electrical Contractor: Or he’s the one who caused the lockdown.
Contractor Coordinator: How would he have done that?
Electrical Contractor: He could have pushed Alpha down the atrium.
Contractor Coordinator: That’s ridiculous.
Electrical Contractor: Is it? He was convinced that nothing that happened in your company had anything to do with him. He’s wiped himself clean of all responsibility, and I hear he was pretty vocal about throwing everyone else under the bus.
Contractor Coordinator: That’s not what it’s like. He’s just afraid of losing his job. We all are.
Electrical Contractor: Exactly. The fear of unemployment can drive men to do crazy, sometimes violent, things. I could picture an argument escalating and escalating until it gets out of control. There’s a stronger chance it was an accident than there is that he did it on purpose. I’m not saying he’s a psychopath.
Contractor Coordinator: This building isn’t in the best shape. It’s not surprising at all that Alpha fell down a skylight that was designed by the same windows team that built the known defective products. It’s the same reason the elevator crashed. What’s really weird is that they happened at the same time.
Electrical Contractor: Again, exactly. To your first point. I can’t explain why the happened at the same time. But it does illustrate how poorly this building was constructed. That would only generate further stress on Construction Administrator. In my experience, those who deny that they’re at fault the most passionately are at the ones at fault, at least of something. Maybe he pushed him, maybe he didn’t, but if I see him come back down here before lockdown ends, I’m breaking lockdown myself and getting the hell away from him. Just to be safe.
Contractor Coordinator: I think you’re being paranoid.
Electrical Contractor: No, paranoid would be if I claimed he also caused the elevator to crash. Which, by the way, I would be able to do in about seven different ways. And they’re just the ones I can think of at the top of my head.
Contractor Coordinator: Nice to know what you’re thinking about when you’re bored.
Electrical Contractor: Hey, I’m a professional. I can’t know how to fix elevators if I don’t know how they can break.
Contractor Coordinator: Fair point, and Construction Administrator has as much education as you do. But no, we’re saying that that’s crazy, right? [...] Right?
Electrical Contractor: Shrug. I think it could go either way.
Contractor Coordinator: ...
Electrical Contractor: Chip?

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