Thursday, December 15, 2016

Microstory 474: Floor 11 (Part 2)

Lead Tester: Hey, Subordinate Tester, what are you doing right now?
Subordinate Tester: I’m working.
Lead: How are you working? We’ve been locked out of the system.
Subordinate: I’m not working on this job. I’m doing my second job.
Lead: What’s your second job?
Subordinate: Well, I guess it’s not technically a job. I’m...
Lead: What? Come on, tell me.
Subordinate: It’s an app.
Lead: Why do you seem embarrassed about that? Lots of people in our circles have written their own apps.
Subordinate: Yes, but my app is kind of...weird.
Lead: What does it do?
Subordinate: It’s kind of hard to explain. I haven’t worked everything out yet, but it’s all about being spontaneous. Basically, at some scheduled time—or maybe it shouldn’t be scheduled, it’ll give you something spontaneous to do. Like, it’ll tell you to just drive somewhere you’ve never been before. Or perform something random in public. Or even something as silly as stepping into a crowded elevator and facing the back wall, instead of the doors.
Lead: Wow, that’s—
Subordinate: Really dumb, I know.
Lead: Awesome. It’s awesome. What have you done so far, if you don’t mind my asking. I promise not to steal your idea.
Subordinate: I’m not worried about anyone stealing my idea. It’s not a very good one.
Lead: Don’t say that. Don’t sell yourself short. I genuinely think this sounds like a good idea. Could you show me? How much have you written?
Subordinate: Nothing. I actually don’t know how to program apps. I’ve just been working on the content, keeping my head down here at Analion, and hoping to save up for some classes at the junior college.
Lead: Well, if you want to learn how to write code, I’m all for it. But if that’s not your thing, then you’re in luck. I know Java. I could write your code.
Subordinate: No, I couldn’t ask you to do that. You have responsibilities.
Lead: Have you looked at where we are? This is a sinking ship. It’s the bloody Titanic and the Britannic all wrapped into one. I was gonna go back to working for my old boss, but screw that, I have money saved up. Let me help. You could keep hold of all creative control. I just wanna help. And if we make money, then I won’t turn it down. This could be big.
Subordinate: Do you really think so? Because I’ve already thought of even crazier ideas of connecting it to other apps, and directing users to businesses that support their spontaneity goals. Like, if the app tells you to try skydiving, it would pull up a list of nearby airfields.
Lead: That’s even better than the first idea. Oh man, I’m so pumped. I really need this lockdown to end so we can get the hell out of here and get this thing goin’.

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