Monday, December 26, 2016

Microstory 481: Floor 4 (Part 2)

Younger Child: Stop moving my toys!
Older Child: The army guy can’t be next to the dinosaurs!
Younger Child: Why not?
Older Child: People never knew dinosaurs. They died a long time ago.
Younger Child: D’uh, he’s a time traveler! And these aren’t dinosaurs, they’re dragons. See, this is their dragon cave.
Older Child: Time travel doesn’t exist either.
Younger Child: I’m just playin’! Give me back my toys!
Older Child: No! You can’t have a person next to a dinosaur. It doesn’t make sense!
Oldest Child: Actually, my mom and dad say that humans did know the dinosaurs. They were all on Noah’s Ark together.
Older Child: Then where are they now?
Oldest Child: They died, like you said, but not as long ago as you think.
Older Child: My mom and dad never said anything about that.
Oldest Child: Not all parents are as smart as mine are.
Older Child: Mine are really smart!
Oldest Child: No they’re not.
Older Child: Yes, they are!
Oldest Child: Your parents are stupid!
Older Child: You’re stupid!

Random Parent: Are you going to stop them from from fighting?
Child Care Attendant: Why would I do that?
Random Parent: Well...I mean, why would you not?
Child Care Attendant: They’re not hurting anyone, they’re having an argument.
Random Parent: They should be playing nice.
Child Care Attendant: No, they should be learning how to defend their argument, and understand the perspectives of people around them.
Random Parent: What are you talking about?
Child Care Attendant: Have you ever watched young animals playing on TV? It looks a hell of a lot like fighting, but it isn’t. They’re teaching themselves how to hunt, what their teeth can do, and how to interact with their peers. If adults step in every time children have a disagreement, how will they ever grow? I’m here to protect them, and they’re here to find out what they need to know to be an adult.
Random Parent: If it were my child in the argument, I would stop them.
Child Care Attendant: It’s not.

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