Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Microstory 473: Floor 12 (Part 2)

Production Manager: Are you scared?
Shadow: No, of course not.
Production Manager: Ya know, it’s okay to be scared. Adults get scared, just like little kids...just like brave eighth graders.
Shadow: It’s just that...I’ve never seen anyone die before. I mean, I know that I didn’t actually see him die. But just knowing that he’s down there is...
Production Manager: Go ahead. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings. I know that sounds contradictory to what I said about getting scared. Just know that this is a safe space.
Shadow: It’s creepy. Is that bad?
Production Manager: I’m sure you’ve heard that death is a natural part of life, and this is true. But I bet no one’s explained to you what death is really like.
Shadow: I go to church with my family. They talk about death all the time.
Production Manager: Well, they’re talking about the afterlife. I’m referring to the death itself, and how any given loss of life impacts the world around them. One second you’re here, and the next you’re not. Or rather, they’re not. Alpha will never tell a coworker another dirty joke. He’ll never see how his current favorite TV show ends. And worst of all, he’ll never get to meet you. That is creepy. It’s weird to think about a world where you don’t exist. Can you imagine what this planet will be like after you die? Yeah, see, I saw you shudder a bit. Because it’s an uncomfortable feeling. What you’re experiencing right now is an existential examination. You’re questioning your very reality, because a man just left us forever. So when you ask me if it’s bad that you think it’s creepy that his body is just lying down there, all I can say is no. No, it isn’t bad. Death should make you shiver. It’s reminding you how important you are, and how important everyone around you is, and it motivates you to make a difference. That’s what life is; interacting with others.
Shadow: Whoa. No one’s ever said anything to me like that before.
Production Manager: I don’t doubt it. People often underestimate children, but I can see how bright you are. And I want you to know how glad I am that you chose to shadow me for your career day project. I’m sorry this had to happen, but I’ll always remember our time together...interacting. I hope you take this experience, and apply it to something positive in the future. I know I will.

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