Thursday, December 29, 2016

Microstory 484: Floor 1 (Part 2)

Lobby Guard: What are you doing here?
Firefighter: We were sent here. Did someone call 911?
Lobby Guard: I did, but I just requested the coroner. The subjects died on impact, you are not needed.
Firefighter: With respect, sir, you are not qualified to pronounce someone dead. Now let me through so I can do my job.

Lobby Guard: We are on lockdown, I’m not letting anyone through.

Firefighter: The fire department belongs to emergency services, we need to get by. I don’t know what your building’s policy is regarding lockdown, but I assure you that we are allowed to break it. Now..move!

Lobby Guard: Your emergency services are not needed. Nobody is hurt, just a few people are dead.
Firefighter: Reidemeister, inform the chief that we are being rejected at the door. Then get an ETA on the nearest police cruiser.
Kallias Bran: My ears were burning.
Firefighter: This doesn’t concern you, Bran. You’re not a cop anymore. And didn’t you used to be older?
Kallias Bran: I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.
Firefighter: He’s locked the door. We can’t get in, and do not have clearance to break in. That doesn’t mean there’s anything to investigate here.
Kallias Bran: You don’t need clearance. I know this building. It’s special.
Firefighter: What the hell is that thing?
Kallias Bran: It’s the Escher Knob. It’ll get us in.
Firefighter: This isn’t one of your crazy theories, Bran. This building is actually real.
Kallias Bran: Yes...and no.
Firefighter: Oh my God, how the hell did we end up inside?
Kallias Bran: I brought the lobby to us. Go on and get to work so they can lift the lockdown and get these people back home safe. And you...
Lobby Guard: H—how’d you do that? You were there...and now you’re here.
Kallias Bran: Speaking of which, I need you to take me to Freight Elevator 2. I have some business on the thirteenth floor.
Lobby Guard: There is no Freight Elevator 2. There has only ever been one.
Kallias Bran: Never mind, I can see The Superintendent on the second floor. He’ll know where it is.

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