Monday, July 3, 2017

Microstory 616: Feast of the Fruit of Love

As anyone in this galaxy knows, sometimes conflicts arise between two opposing factions. Sometimes, these disagreements come between star systems, but more often than not, it involves two warring worlds of one system, or even regions one planet. Near the center of Fostea, there lies an unnamed star system with only a single orbital. This orbital is a habitable planet called Kesliperia, and there is literally nothing else. Scientists are baffled as to why and how the system formed with no asteroids, comets, protoplanetary bodies, or other planets. Kesliperia doesn’t even have a tidal moon, making life there rather uncomfortable for most. The days are short, and the weather is erratic. Still, Kesliperians remain there, for they feel that it is their home. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems. Its two nations have been at war with each other for resources for the last couple centuries. There are times of peace, but it never significantly diminishes the tension between them, and it never lasts long. Kesliperians, as a whole, are rather isolated from the rest of the galaxy, choosing generally to govern themselves independent from our natural economy. Which is, of course, fine; that’s their choice. But this lack of trade with other systems has forced them to adopt lifestyles most in the galaxy would find inconvenient. This is what has led the nation of Harrdosa, and the nation of Yelseten, to be in constant dispute for what few resources the planet provides on its own. Yet there is one thing they have in common. They both celebrate a particular annual holiday, the name of which eludes me. The primary component of the celebrations is fruit, of which they possess little. And so, they break their isolation for this period by importing fruit from all over the galaxy. Unfortunately, this year, there were some issues with payment, and each of the two nations were really only able to afford a half ship’s worth of fruit. A single ship would not be enough to feed everyone in one nation, let alone both of them. Yet a deal was struck between them. A joint celebration would be held in neutral territory. All high-ranking officials, pop culture celebrities, and other public figures were invited to celebrate together. They were not doing this to create peace, but this is what seems to be coming of it. What’s interesting is that the feast consisted mainly of a Merekan fruit called polbit, which has been known to induce feelings of euphoria and comradery. In fact, it is often referred to as the fruit of friendship. Despite having nothing to do with Lightseed, or the taikon, the Kesliperians accidentally stumbled upon the achievement of both the sixteenth, and seventeenth taikon.

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