Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Microstory 632: Beginning of the Conquest

With young Vrasim Kappel fully capable of taking over the responsibility of integrating the Dodulkori refugees into the greater galaxy on the Lightseed front, Eido Ivanka was free to move on to more pressing matters. The Book of Light, in main text passages, speaks of someone known only as The Instigator. This person, and this person alone, is capable of deliberately starting the process of a taikon without necessarily any provocation. The Book does not say who this person is, or how they will show themselves, but only that they will become apparent over time. Eido Ivanka, after having been freed from her silent prison in the Anter system, took this role automatically. It is unknown if she knew she was meant to be the Instigator, or if she was just following her instincts, and turned out to fit the bill. While most taikon should be discovered incidentally, rather than started, there are a few taikon that require this instigation. One of these is in regards to the beginning of the conquest. Unlike the twelfth taikon, the thirty-second was never lost, but it has remained hidden to anyone who might be at risk of revealing its secrets to unfitting nonbelievers. It speaks in great depth of what must happen in order for the Lightseers to take over the galaxy...and quash all rivals. Though all Lightseers are aware of its existence, only the elite; the Highlightseers, are ever given the full text. Otherwise, the enemy would know all our plans for domination, and our tactics would be useless. It is these Highlightseers, along with Ivanka, who are responsible for carrying out the instructions for the grand conquest. The first step is a declaration of war for all to hear. The second...is to steal back the bow and crown of Eido Bertok. His replacement is going to need them later.

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