Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Microstory 628: Scourge of the Carriers

Over the centuries, and back in the history of the old worlds, science and medicine has progressed greatly. We’ve not cured every disease in the universe, but scientists believe we’ve knocked a significant portion of them out. The problem is that, upon reaching a new planet, there is always a new host of dangers. There’s a certain way to approach a world that has not yet been experienced. Surveys, tests, and experiments are required if anyone plans on staying there for an extended period of time. Each time we come across a new world, we risk unleashing a disease that has never been seen before. This happens all the time, though, and the people who normally settle new worlds have gotten pretty good at handling whatever it throws at them. This is not what happened here. Not long after the replacement for Eido Feivel, Agantai Bauriter left her homeplanet of Haplen, an infestation began spreading across the surface. Some researchers now believe these pesky creatures—which live in their victim’s hair, and overheat their head—to have been surviving in some kind of dormant state deep under the ground. They were supposedly accidentally released into the population, carrying with them all kinds of previously unknown diseases. This is something many never thought would happen on a central world like Haplen. It’s no surprise to those of us who understand, believe in, and trust the taikon, though. The Book of Light predicts an inexplicable scourge of a carrier species that has not existed before. We do not believe they came from the ground, but that nature created them from nothing. It cannot be a coincidence that they surfaced at the perfect time to match with the taikon order, and no one will be able to convince us otherwise. As for the diseases themselves, they were quickly eradicated. Only a few hundred people died first. The scripture does not say what kind of people would be attacked, or whether it would be good or bad, but it turned out to have been rather irrelevant.

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