Thursday, July 13, 2017

Microstory 624: Appointment of the Loctener

The Loctener may be the important taikon out of all of them. It is certainly the most important one yet. It refers to the second highest position in the galaxy, and it’s also never been held before. Sacred Savior, Sotiren Zahir—in his unmatched wisdom, and capacity of humility—came up with the idea during the first exodus from Earth. He wanted someone with unparalleled loyalty, who would never betray him, and who would be able to act on his behalf. By the time the exodus ships reached Fostea, however, he had changed his mind. He determined that his eleven eidos would be good enough to manage the galaxy in his stead. Yet he kept the concept of the Loctener in the back of his mind, and decided that such a position would most likely need to be filled during the fulfillment of the taikons. And of course, as always, was he right. With the forces of the Lightseer military spread across multiple battlefronts, as well as other related war campaigns, even the great Sotiren Zahir needed help. The Loctener was designed to be the Savior’s right hand, but also to lead the war efforts, so it needed to be filled by someone with basically the same qualities. He needed someone who was just as loud, just as passionate, and just as strategically intelligent. The Book of Light, in other passages, speaks of the divinity of humility; that those with little had just as much chance of gaining power as someone born with it. The galaxy was founded on this principle, making it the only consistent concept amongst the belief systems of all residents, regardless of religion. Literally everyone here believes that no one has unfair advantage over anyone else. Perhaps there is no one more humble than the Grelvo citizens who rose against their oppressive dictator, and usurped his power. They were led by a man named Luvras Seldasic. He was one of Grelvo’s youngest warriors, but was a force to be reckoned with. As a born leader, he was instrumental in breaking the giant wall that separates Townville City from Castle Palace. It was his unorthodox and masterful strategy that caught the Sacred Savior’s eye. Only Seldasic could become the first and only Loctener, but only after proving himself by completing a task of strength and bravery. He would have to find a way to eradicate the gardbirds of Narvali. Fortunately, he had some experience getting through walls.

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