Friday, July 7, 2017

Microstory 620: Silence of the Blasphemers

If there’s one complaint any Lightseer can have about our great galaxy of Fostea, it’s that there are some things we would just like to change. I know, that’s vague, but our faith has a few stipulations for our way of life that make it a little difficult to be around people who do not share it. Not everyone knows about, wants to understand, or can truly appreciate the glory in The Light. We have an evangelical side of us that goes out to the stars and spreads the Word to others, but we must restrain ourselves, for being too aggressive could go against other people’s rights to be as they choose. This patience can be arduous for some of our kind, which is why not ever one of us is an evangelical. There are those, however, who do not share our level of tolerance and respect. We call these the blasphemers. Not only are these people not Lightseers, but they actively work against our practices, and try to destroy our way of life. The Book of Light discusses often the dangers of dealing with blasphemers, for they bring only darkness. It teaches us that light is more powerful than dark, but also that this does not mean it requires no effort. Like the fragile flower, light must be nurtured, fed, and protected. One of the most well-known quotes from the Book of Light says, there will always be more darkness in the universe than light, but light is the only one of the two that moves...that moves others...that truly is. nothing. It’s important to remember these truths whenever you’re having a crisis of faith; when you doubt your beliefs, be it on your own, or by someone else’s harmful words. It is not you who should change; it is the blasphemers. They are the ones who need be silenced. Lucky for us, this very thing was foretold in the taikon passages.
After Eido Ivanka was covertly removed from the segregated Anter star system, she was taken back to Istamas so that she could recover from not having lived in civilized society for however long it was. Even after a medical examination, a shower, and some real food, Ivanka never spoke a word. But she kept pointing to a tablet that was lying on the counter. Once she got her hands on it, she navigated to the galactic map, and presented the others in the room with the coordinates to one of the worst places in Fostea. On the edge of the galaxy is a star system with a planet called Castanea Beta. It follows Fostean law, and practices Fostean traditions, but it is the furthest from Lightseed a place could possibly be. This is where a group of atheists live, but not just any atheists; they’re also wildly outspoken against Lightseed. It’s unclear exactly what their motives are, but they are one of the most dangerous threats to our faith. As far as we know, they have not successfully recruited a Lightseer to their heathen ways, but not for lack of trying. Unfortunately for them, their days of blaspheming our religion are over. A ship transported Eido Ivanka to Castanea Beta immediately upon request, and it was there that they witnessed a real-life miracle. With no apparent technological advancement, Ivanka held out her arms and literally silenced the blasphemers. Try as they may, they are to this day physically incapable of uttering so much as a cough. And with this miraculous act, Ivanka’s own voice returned. The first thing she said was, “let us move on to the next one.”

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