Monday, July 24, 2017

Microstory 631: A Child Made Wise

Vrasim Kappel was a refugee of the Dodulko War. Throughout his whole, yet short, life, he had known nothing but war. The foxhole he and his family lived in was in such a dangerous part of the world, that the only times they ever left was to forage for food, of which there was little. No one in his family had been educated, and since they were nowhere near a safe school, neither was Vrasim. He didn’t have very much knowledge, he wasn’t particularly intelligent, and he hadn’t accumulated any life experience. He was, in all meanings of the term, a child. So people were shocked when he suddenly became a leader to his people. It started out small, as he would give unsolicited advice to people nearby who were trying to navigate their new lives in civilization. They had all spent so much time in their little sheltered bubble, that they didn’t understand how things were meant to work in the galaxy at large. No one really had any money; they had always just stolen what they needed, so they needed someone to teach them the basic concept of economics. They didn’t have very advanced technology, or sometimes even running water. Somehow, Vrasim Kappel automatically knew how these things worked. He helped his fellow Dodulkori figure out things that most people in the galaxy take for granted. And he did it without having been taught these things himself. They called it a miracle, we Lightseers call it the fulfillment of a taikon. A child, through no logical course of action, has been made wise. Vrasim would later go on to become the primary voice of his people, and of those who once opposed them. Ye, as the light shines upon us, it shines upon others. All who accept this light, will see.

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