Friday, July 21, 2017

Microstory 630: New Home of the Mourners

In the midst of the peace negotiations between the two rivals of the Dodulko War, the dust began to settle. People from both sides started realizing what life could be like if they didn’t have to live in bunkers, dark stations, and other fortifications. In the end, they were all just looking for a new home. Unfortunately for them, everything they had was either destroyed, or completely unrecognizable as something any decent human being would want to keep. Luckily, a new planet recently opened up that they could use, and Lightseers were in the perfect position to give it to them. Once all of the Narvalian Gardbirds were destroyed, Narvali could once again become a place of beauty and stability. Highlightseers were debating and discussing what the planet could be used for when someone came to the realization that it already had a destiny. The Book of Light promises that there shall be a “new home for the mourners”. At only one line, the passage for the thirtieth taikon is the shortest of all. No one has ever been sure who the mourners are, where they’re supposed to live, or any other logistical approach to making this happen. It would seem, however, that the present survivors of the Dodulko War are uniquely qualified to serve this function, and at the perfect time. They are certainly mourners, and they certainly need a new home, so why don’t we just give them one of ours? Of course, this does not come free of cost. There is no such thing as a true gift in the galaxy of Fostea. We don’t believe in them. The mourners will have to work for their right to live in this orbital paradise, and they will have to learn to share it with those who were once their enemies. The planet provides many resources, all of which will be welcome across the galaxy, and could fetch them a healthy price. The Lightseers will act as facilitators for these transactions, and take our due commission. As fate would have it, the achievement of this taikon, and the business opportunities, are not the only things we Lightseers get out of this deal. The next taikon was found in a group of Dodulkori refugees, in a child named Vrasim Kappel.

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