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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Microstory 629: Fruit of Peace

As mentioned before, our galaxy is not without its conflicts. When you bring together such a diverse group of people, and put them in one place, it’s no surprise that some friction arises. All of these skirmishes, however, pale in comparison to The Dodulko War. This was the first, and longest-lasting war of Fostea, having been going on for nearly an entire millennium. There are short times of peace throughout history, but only when both sides deplete their resources so far that neither one can survive even one more battle. While most hostilities are fought over territory, capital, or religion, the Dodulko War started very simply. The Dodulko was one of the last exodus ships to arrive from Earth, carrying with it the least valuable of our population at the time. No one on this vessel was capable of affording luxury cabins, or priority transport. As a result, the passengers were frustrated and restless, often lashing out at each other with little provocation. One such of these disagreements seemed rather innocuous from the outside, but gradually began to grow. People took sides, ultimately stealing resources from each other just to survive. Historical records contradict each other regarding the exact nature of the original grievance, but one thing we know is that both of these first two people were killed in freak accidents before the ship even arrived in the galaxy. These deaths angered their loved ones and supporters, sparking further violence. These battles began to escalate year by year, as each side retaliated against the other for some unprecedented attack. And it has been going on ever since, developing into a full-fledged war within the first four years. This war is of little concern to most other residents of Fostea, and financially beneficial to others. The battles take place in unpopulated areas, or in their own respective territories, none of which are desirable by anyone else. People in certain industries do profit from the war, though, namely those who sell munitions, rations, medicine, miscellaneous technologies, and other assets. Still, many wish to see the conflict end, if only to find out what the galaxy looks like without it. As with others, the Book of Light’s taikon passage on the Fruit of Peace leaves some up for interpretation, but is clear that this particular conflict must end. In an unprecedented move, both sides of the Dodulko War agreed to begin peace negotiations with each other, under the guidance of the replacement for Eido Feivel, Agantai Bauriter. Though on its own unnecessary, and not her responsibility, this will be Bauriter’s first act as a new Fostean eido. It is immaterial how it eventually turns out, however, seeing as the taikon predicting this event has already been reached simply by commencing.

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