Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Microstory 617: Everlasting Sacred Light

Three days after the Sacred Savior, Sotiren Zahir was buried, perhaps the most miraculous event of all took place. He came back from the dead. Now, at this point in our collective history, humans have had their fair share of resurrections. It is not terribly common, but it’s also not impossible. Vampires were borne of a race of peoples called pseudomortals who had figured out a way to pull themselves back from the death dimension. Ambers were a different race of people with special abilities; a select few of which could bring others from the afterlife as well. Much later, the anomalies rose to power, and a few of them also had some level of control over death. Even if these things had not happened, virtual immortality has been in the galaxy for a long time now, so death is really a non-issue for anyone with enough money to enjoy the right treatments and procedures. But our Savior died in such a unique way that he should not have been able to return at all. This was not by accident, but by holy mandate. One of Sotiren’s final request was that he not be retrieved, cloned, or otherwise replicated. He believed in singular identity, and did not think that anyone other than the actual him could ever hope to be him. His followers tend to agree.

There is one obscure passage in the Book of Light—separate from the taikon passages—that seems to make the aforementioned mandate sound a little more complicated than we thought. Then the Sacrificed will rise, by light in darkness; the darkest and coldest. A new sun will illuminate the sky. It will burn bright and die fast. Many scholars believed this passage to be connected to the scripture regarding the seventeenth taikon, despite no direct reference to each other. The Sacred Light will dim for three days, but be reignited by the juice of peace and joy. Both of these passages have largely been considered metaphorical; independently and collectively meaning that the Lightseed faith cannot be extinguished, that truth will always prevail, even after being snuffed out...or dying. Recent events, however, led scholars and verifiers to reexamine these words to see if they may be more literal. Evidence has pointed to the idea that the seventeenth taikon was reached. And this is how. Within the boundaries of the solar system that houses the planet isolate of Kesliperia, a star suddenly burst into existence. The elite residents of Harrdosa and Yelseten were shocked by its unexpected appearance it in the twilight sky during the Feast of the Fruit of Love. Upon turning back around, however, they discovered a visitor had arrived at the feast. Feeling happy and agreeable from the polbit fruit, they welcomed him to the meal, even though he wasn’t wearing any clothes. A group of verifiers were witnessing the event, however, and immediately recognized this man as Sotiren Zahir. He had been resurrected from death, by no artificial means. Many believe that the text in the Book of Light that refers to the Everlasting Sacred Light was actually in reference to this event. If this was a true miracle, it is one that requires further testing. The other taikon may continue in that time, but cannot be officially recognized until the Savior’s return can be scientifically verified.

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