Thursday, July 6, 2017

Microstory 619: Eido Ivanka

No one could have predicted that the segregated Anter star system would play such an important role in the achievement of the taikon. Yet this is where the game of Vector was revived, and also now where we found our way to the nineteenth taikon. Eido Ivanka was the younger sister of Eido Seamus, and most ruthless of the eidos. She was born into a family of fishermen, but rejected her birthright, choosing instead to go into the paramilitary business. Because of her background, she was chosen to be the head of private security, whose primary purpose was the defense of Sacred Savior Sotiren Zahir, and the entire Fostean-bound fleet. Her zeal for the protection of her charge, and also her mercilessness inspired Sotiren to later give her the central system of Dulex, which included Dikaio, Istamas and Lakre. In tandem with her responsibilities as one of the galaxy’s eidos, she continued her calling in hired security. Ivanka fought many wars for others, sometimes switching sides in the middle of the conflict when the pay was better. Despite a life of more danger than most other eidos, she was never killed. Some texts speculated that she died of natural causes after a long and healthy life, but others believed her to have survived to modern day. The latter has now proven to be true. All the taikons referring to the eidos have left the true nature of the replacement for the original eidos up to chance. The assumption was that they would need to be replaced by younger counterparts, but this was obviously not true for Peter Fireblood. Eido Ivanka turned out to have survived under similar circumstances. It is as yet unclear how long Ivanka lived in the Anter system, but the Fathers of the Undisturbed claim to have known nothing about it. She has not said a single word since being discovered by the Vector verifiers who were already in the star system. They are confident, however, that she will soon be in the right mind to take her place back as one of the Fostean eidos.

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