Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Microstory 623: Ascension of the Humble

Though our galaxy is not run by a central government, there are a powerful few who make decisions for a significant percentage of the population. These leaders made their way to the top by working hard, and being able to provide something for the economy that others couldn’t, or least not as well. Some of these are Lightseers, while some are not. In any case, they tend to be egotistical and self-righteous, and true Lightseers are better than that. We rise above. On the planet of Yrosfulh, there was a relatively isolated nation called Grelvo. It was run by a dictator who had risen to power some twenty years ago. He practiced a form of rule involving keeping his citizens poor, and on the brink of starvation, so that they would have the energy to rise up against him. Some even lived in literal ruins. Still, the majority of them held onto their faith, and have the potential to be great Lightseers. He actually fed his Arkeizen thralls better than his human subjects, knowing that Arkeizens are not intelligent, or organized, enough to endanger any established system. These Arkeizens he kept as a sort of strange military contingency, should anyone attempt to conquer them. The country is of little to value to anyone else in the galaxy, so this has never happened, and it’s doubtful Arkeizens could ever do much good on the battlegrounds. They certainly were not effective here. As much of a right as Supreme Leader Grelvo had to treat his subjects however he pleased, he was clearly a poor leader, and it would seem that these subjects believed this as well. They started rearranging their rations so that the youngest and strongest in their villages were able to eat the most. Some of the elderly even let themselves starve to death just so that the able-bodied warriors could gather their strength, and formulate their plans. After about a year of this, they executed their dictator, killing every single thrall in the country in order to reach that point, including the ones that surrendered. It was such a minor story in terms of galactic news that it was nearly missed, but a loyal Lightseer discovered this current event, and reported it to the Highlightseers. It has now been determined that this development qualifies for the twenty-third taikon. The humble have ascended, and one has proven himself to be more qualified than all of them put together.

Appointment of the Loctener

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