Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Microstory 1942: Injured Wanderer

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Shadow Team Leader: This is Shadow Team Leader, reporting in. Do you read me, Special Investigator?
Special InvestigatorShadow Team Leader, this is Special Investigator. Go ahead.
Shadow Team Leader: We think the recon team has found something. Most of them have disappeared into the ground, presumably into some kind of bunker, or underground facility.
Special Investigator: An underground facility? All the way out there?
Shadow Team Leader: We believe so, sir. Whatever it is, they climbed into it willingly. It was just a minute ago.
Special Investigator: Who did they leave topside?
Shadow Team Leader: Two of the freewomen they had with them.
Special Investigator: The primary?
Shadow Team Leader: No, one of the secondaries. How should we proceed, sir?
Special Investigator: Are the freewomen armed?
Shadow Team Leader: One of them is, sir.
Special Investigator: We can’t risk an incident. If there are hostiles down there, we can’t appear to be discoordinated, or internally disharmonious. *pause* One of you needs to run an injured wanderer maneuver. Are there any women on your team? I think the freewomen will respond better to one of their own.
Shadow Team Leader: Shadow Team Member 1 can do it. She’s done it before. How badly do you want her to be injured?
Special Investigator: Turn her ankle and cut her upper arm.
Shadow Team Leader: Understood. Shadow Team Leader out.
Shadow Team Member 1: The cut should be on the same side as the turned ankle. I should be leaning to one side to sell it my vulnerability
Shadow Team Leader: Agreed. My knife or yours?
Shadow Team Member 1: Neither. The cut will be too smooth. If I hurt myself in a car wreck, it needs to be jagged and uneven.
Shadow Team Member 2: I can handle that. I was an art major. Which side?
Shadow Team Leader: Not here. Let’s runabout to the other side. None of them is from the area. They don’t know how close the street is from that side of their current position, but they know we’re too far from the road that came from for someone as hurt as she’s gonna be to have wandered that far.
*a little later*
Shadow Team Member 1: Hello? I could see you from way out there! I thought it was a mirage! Wait, you’re not a mirage, are you?
Freewoman 3: Stop! State your business!
Shadow Team Member 1: Hold on, I can’t hear ya! Ugh, ow. I was trying to look at the map. I’m such an idiot. I ran off the road, and hit these rocky slaps that were just sticking out of the ground like someone put them there. I couldn’t find my phone in the wreckage. It’s probably there, but now I only have one arm. Can I borrow yours?
Freewoman 3: That’s close enough. I’m going to get help. Watch her, Freewoman 4.

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