Friday, August 25, 2023

Microstory 1960: Checking In

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Reese: Good, you’re both here. Just checking in. We didn’t talk at all yesterday after everyone split up with their respective teams. Did everything go okay?
Myka: Yeah, no problems. Nothing to report.
Leonard: I have something to report.
Reese: What is it?
Leonard: The hacker is from another universe; evidently came here the same way I did, and it wasn’t her first time either. She’s been on this planet longer than any of us. I don’t know if the government knows this, or not. If they don’t, I think we shouldn’t tell them.
Reese: That’ interesting development. No, we should definitely not tell them. Out of everyone they hired for this new department, they were most worried about her. I would ask you to keep an eye on her, but I’m not going to talk to her about it for now.
Leonard: Understood.
Myka: You came in here already with a nervous look on your face, Reese. What’s up?
Reese: The OSI Director wants to speak with me. I don’t know what it could be about.
Myka: Well, I’m sure it’s about this, right? You just started a new department. We’ve not really done anything yet, but she probably wants to take your temperature on it. That’s what you’re doing with the two of us right now, yeah?
Reese: I’m hoping to get the three of us on the same page, in case something’s wrong. Leonard, what you told me about our hacker, that’s good. Is there anything else I should know? No matter how insignificant it may sound, we should share it.
Myka: Well, Navin really does take naps. He wasn’t joking about that.
Reese: Yeah, it’s a medical condition. He cleared that before he took the job.
Myka: Then I can’t think of anything else.
Leonard: You should talk to SI Eliot first. Take his temperature, if I’m using that idiom correctly. I’ve never heard it before.
Myka: That was right.
Reese: That’s a good idea. *dials Myka’s phone*
SI Eliot: *through the speakerphone* This is Eliot.
Reese: Hey, Hisham; it’s Reese. You got Myka and Leonard on the line too.
SI Eliot: What’s up?
Reese: We just wanted to touch base with you regarding this conference call that the Director requested for tomorrow. Do you know anything about that, and is there something I should know before that happens?
SI Eliot: Oh, it’s not a conference call. She’ll be coming down.
Reese: Okay, well, see, that worries me. We’re not really ready for prime time. Like, does she know about Misra’s naps? And Woodloch’s computer isn’t working right...
SI Eliot: This isn’t about you, Reese. She wants to see how the building turned out. If anyone gets in trouble, it’ll be the contractors we hired for the remodel.
Reese: Are you sure?
SI Eliot: I’m sure. Hey, I gotta jump on another call, but you’ll be fine. *hangs up*
Reese: Okay, now I’m really worried.
Leonard: Yeah. He’s lying.

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