Thursday, August 3, 2023

Microstory 1944: Disclosure

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Reese: So, this is the infamous shadow team that’s been following us around in the desert? Are we havin’ fun yet?
Shadow Team Leader: Agent Parsons. What did you find down there?
Reese: Three aliens.
Shadow Team Leader: Are they still alive?
Reese: They are. They claim that they’re not here to harm us.
Shadow Team Leader: We’ll let the OSI decide that. That’s above both of our paygrades. Have you detained them?
Reese: I placed them in handcuffs, but...
Shadow Team Leader: But what?
Reese: But they have wings.
Shadow Team Leader: So they can just fly away whenever they want?
Leonard: They can’t fly. It’s more like they can jump real high, and then fall down slowly. At least, that’s what the intel says.
Shadow Team Leader: What’s the point of having wings then?
Leonard: I believe they evolved from creatures who could fly, but lost the ability in a practical sense due to their weight. Still, the wings are dangerous. We need to figure out how to secure them for transport.
Shadow Team Leader: Now that we’ve confirmed that they’re here, I can call in a containment unit. *addressing the group* I would like to thank you all for your service. For those of you without badges, I have been ordered to let you go free without issue, regardless of any outstanding warrants you may or may not have. We’ll ask you to keep what you know secret, however, and a special team or agent will be making contact with you soon to ensure that you have complied with this demand. Should they find that you’ve spread the word to even one other person, I’ve been asked to warn you that there will be severe consequences. Nothing is for you to say. Am I understood?
Myka: My girls understand secrecy.
Shadow Team Leader: Even against your little group of bonded ex-cons? As I understand it, you share everything with everyone.
Myka: The way you understand it is wrong. We knew the risks when we came out here.
Shadow Team Member 2: Sir? *whispers something to Shadow Team Leader*
Shadow Team Leader: Is anyone else out here with you, Agent? Did you conscript anyone else, or tell them where you would be?
Reese: No.
Myka: Absolutely not. I kept this whole thing to a small circle. Why, what happened?
Shadow Team Member 1: We’ve spotted an all-terrain vehicle headed this way.
Reese: Listen, I don’t think that one of these things can fit in a car. I told you about the wings. They’re of decent size. None of the seats down there have backs.
Shadow Team Member 1: So the driver is human; that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. Weapons up.
*everyone with a gun points it towards the oncoming vehicle, which is now in view*
Shadow Team Member 1: Shoot on my order, and only on my order.

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