Monday, August 7, 2023

Microstory 1946: Reese’s Debrief

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Special Investigator: Please state your full name for the record.
Reese: Agent Reese Fortitude Parsons, Fugitive Services.
Special Investigator: Please describe your last mission.
Reese: We were sent to investigate a scientific anomaly of some kind that appeared in the Wyoming desert. We were told that an intrusion from another world could have taken place, so we were there to take reconnaissance, and report back.
Special Investigator: Did you ever report back?
Reese: Not until there was something to report.
Special Investigator: Who is we? Who went with you?
Reese: A civilian, Leonard Miazga, and another civilian, Myka Tennison.
Special Investigator: To your knowledge, were others involved in this mission?
Reese: Three of Miss Tennison’s friends secretly followed us. My superior, Special Investigator Eliot sent a shadow team to follow as well. They only made contact after the aliens were discovered. Plus, an unrelated third party showed up on the hunt.
Special Investigator Eliot: We’ll get to the party-crashers, and the aliens. First, I wanna know why you thought it was pertinent to be joined by not one, but two, civilians.
Reese: One of the civilians is former law enforcement, and was fully cleared by this office for temporary active duty.
SI Eliot: Oh, he was, was he? Which means that you were aware of the proper procedures for deputization, and simply ignored them for the second civilian.
Reese: I followed protocol according to my training and experience as a Fugitive Agent.
SI Eliot: You were not working in your capacity as a Fugitive Agent for this mission.
Reese: I believed that I was still a Fugitive Agent to enough of an extent. Everything about the mission parameters suggested that we were searching for fugitives, and even if it didn’t, we found them.
SI Eliot: That’s a stretch, to call them fugitives. They’ve never been here before.
Reese: It’s a stretch that I’m willing to accept if you are.
SI Eliot: I’ll consider it.
OSI Director: *knocks three times on the glass*
SI Eliot: *looking at the one-way mirror* My boss would like me to switch gears. Tell me more about the aliens. Would you have categorized them as hostile?
Reese: No, sir. They were peaceful...uncomfortably so.
SI Eliot: How do you mean?
Reese: Their straightforwardness made it seem as though they were hiding something.
SI Eliot: You believe that they were telling you so many truths in order to cover up a real secret?
Reese: That’s correct.
SI Eliot: Fair assessment. We’ll be sure to work on them from that angle.
Reese: You’ve kept them apart from each other, right? They can escape if they can get to one another. They can’t go anywhere if they’re each alone.
SI Eliot: You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Try to think like a suspect in this situation. It’ll make this easier. We have a lot to talk about today.

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