Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Microstory 1962: Arrival

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OSI Director Lotte Washington: Hello, I’m OSI Director—
Henley: Lotte Washington. You’re early. Agent Flynn was meant to escort you from the parking garage.
Director Washington: Yes, my schedule changed. I have too much to do this afternoon, so I decided to come before lunch. I hope that’s okay.
Henley: That’s quite all right. My name is Henley Grahame; receptionist. We would normally print out a badge for you, but we don’t have a machine yet. I have created this check-in list, though, so we’ll be able to keep track of who comes in and out. I don’t want you to worry about our security.
Director Washington: It’s fine. Just point me in the direction of Agent Parsons. We have some urgent business to take care of.
Henley: Yes, of course. Right away. Uhh... *fumbling with the phone* No, that’s not it. Let’s see...page, zero—no, wait. First it’s star, then page.
Director Washington: You don’t have to make an announcement. I’ve taken a cursory glance at the floor plans. I’ll just go up to his office.
Henley: No, wait. That’s not part of our procedures. I swear we’ve come up with them, I just need to find the binder I’ve started. Anaïs! Your name is Anaïs, right?
Anaïs Altimari: *sees Director Washington* Oh, it’s Agent Altimari, Miss Grahame.
Henley: Right. Of course. Would you please take the Director to Agent Parsons’ office?
Anaïs: Certainly. Right this way, sir.
Director Washington: I really can find him myself. But very well, lead the way.
Anaïs: *runs into Timotei* Oh, pardon. Mr. Barber, this is OSI Director Washington.
Timotei: *shaking her hand* Nice to meet you. Timotei Barber, formerly incarcerated, now Head of Procurement. Let me know if you need anything.
Anaïs: *scowling at him* Thank you. You can get back to work now.
Timotei: I’m on lunch. I just can’t take it in the break room, because Navin is sleeping in the other room, and I like to watch my stories while I eat my beans.
Anaïs: *horrified* Oh, he—
Director Washington: ...has anemia. Yes, I’m aware. It’s quite all right. I just need to speak with Agent Parsons. It’s becoming rather urgent.
Timotei: Aren’t you here to take a look at the building? I could show you around. There’s a stall in the restroom that doesn’t quite close.
Anaïs: That’s not why she’s here, Mr. Barber. We’re looking for Parsons.
Timotei: Perfect! I just saw him in the bathroom.
Reese: I’m here, I’m here! Director Washington, welcome to the Department for Exogenic Affairs Headquarters. I trust that everything has gone okay so far?
Director Washington: It’s been fine. You appear to have a good team. You’ll need that soon. Is there somewhere you and I can talk, with Miss Tennison and Mr. Miazga?
Reese: Yes, of course. Please follow me to my office. Thank you Agent Altimari, and Mr. Barber. You can get back to work.
Timotei: I’m on lunch!
Reese: *dismissively* Okay, bye!

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