Monday, August 14, 2023

Microstory 1951: Leader de Jure

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Reese: SI Eliot! Wait up. I’m glad I caught you.
SI Eliot: Is this urgent, Parsons? I’m about to step into a meeting with the Director.
Reese: It’s about the jobs you offered Mr. Miazga and Miss Tennison?
SI Eliot: You can just call them Leonard and Myka, Agent Parsons. We all know that you’re friends with them. I assume that you’re worried about what our angle is. I assure you that there is no nefarious purpose to our offers. Very few people know what we know, and we would like to keep it that way, at least for now. We believe that the two of them possess valuable skills and knowledge that we may need in the future.
Reese: Well, what about the others; the other three freewomen, and the escapees?
SI Eliot: They have received their own job offers.
Reese: Really?
SI Eliot: Yes. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really must get in there.
OSI Director: It’s all right, Hisham. This meeting is about him, after all. He may as well be there. It’s not like I need your permission to proceed.
SI Hisham Eliot: Very well. After you, Agent Parsons.
Reese: *stepping into the conference room, and sitting down* This meeting is about me? In what context, may I ask?
OSI Director: How long have you been on loan to us from Fugitive Services?
Reese: A few months.
OSI Director: And before that? How long were you in FS?
Reese: About eleven years, sir.
OSI Director: That’s a decent run. *pauses* How would you like a job here?
Reese: I thought I did a job here, don’t I? My tenure was marked as indefinite.
OSI Director: That’s what I’m saying. Let’s define it. Let’s decide that you’re no longer on loan, but a fulltime permanent employee of the Office of Special Investigations.
Reese: This is...unexpected. I always assumed that I would go back. I never thought about doing anything else. I barely unpacked my belongings in my office here.
OSI Director: That’s probably for the best. If you agreed, we would give you a new one.
Reese: Sir?
Hisham: She wants you to lead the staff of a new department of national security, incorporating personnel and resources from a number of other branches and divisions. You would not be in charge of the office itself, but you would be managing the employees, which would include your friends, and the other...consultants. The National Commander has been discussing doing something like this with us, and the Assembly, for a while now. Officially, the name of this department would be the Department of Exogenic Affairs. Since there’s already a DEA, it would be known as DExA for short.
OSI Director: Does that sound like something that you would be interested in?
Reese: Again, this is quite the surprise. I suppose I should have guessed that something in government would change as a result of these developments, but I never thought I would be considered for a leadership role. I only have de facto experience.
OSI Director: We believe that’s enough. Why don’t you think it over, and get back to us in two days, okay? NatCo wants to get the ball rolling by the end of this month.

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