Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Microstory 1952: The Office

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Myka: Are we really doing this?
Reese: Too late to back out now.
Leonard: Couldn’t we quit, just like any other job?
*they look at him incredulously*
Leonard: Let me guess, it doesn’t work like that on your world.
Reese: You signed a contract. You are required to give your employer one month’s notice if you intend to quit. I’ve never heard of a job that doesn’t work like that.
Leonard: How much notice does my employer have to give before firing me, ha-ha.
Reese: Two months.
Leonard: Oh. Where I’m from, it’s common courtesy to give your boss two weeks, but they don’t have to give you anything. They can have security escort you out immediately.
Myka: That’s sad. Anyway, Reese, this place is nice. I love how you lord over everyone from your perch up here. Did you have any say in how these offices would look?
Reese: Only a little. And this is your perch too. Leonard, your office is the one on my right. Myka, that’s yours on my left.
Myka: I still don’t know what I’m here to do. I’m not an agent, am I?
Leonard: I don’t know the answer to that question either.
Reese: None of us is an agent. Those will be provided by the government at a later date. I believe some of them are presently in training. Leo, they’ll probably ask you to join them at some point, as you will be in charge of the agents and operatives.
Leonard: I thought you were in charge.
Reese: I’m in charge of everyone. Once the paperwork goes through, you’ll be the Supervisory Special Agent.
Leonard: That is quite the step up from where I was. Whew. Okay, it’s good to have a little time to wrap my brain around that.
Myka: And me?
Reese: Facilities. You’ll supervise IT, building management, cleaning, kitchen... Basically everything that keeps the building itself running, you’ll be responsible for that.
Myka: So I should have been consulted with the layout?
Reese: *laughing* They used to use this place for something else. You can choose the layout of the bullpen, and other things, but you probably can’t tear down, or build any new, walls. I want everyone to understand that, while we’re doing this in preparation for a possible alien invasion—or some less obvious form of it—it could happen any day. We want to be ready to work as fast as possible. We may be making a lot of temporary decisions until something more sustainable can be put in place. We already have two fridges and freezers in the break room, though, and this...is a metal government credit card with no spending limit. Myka, buy what you think an office will need.
Myka: *takes the card* I’m on it.
Reese: And Leonard? Tell me what you think about this.
Leonard: *takes it* A new badge. Hm. It’s a lot heavier than the one I had before.
Reese: This is even heavier. *hands him a gun*

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