Friday, August 18, 2023

Microstory 1955 Sensitivity and Responsibility

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Reese: What are you doing back here?
Myka: I’m checking it out. Looks like we would be able to fit thirty vehicles. Lines will need to be painted to make it clearer.
Reese: You don’t need to worry about that. You’ll only be responsible for the office.
Myka: You said I was in charge of maintenance, and someone has to maintain this. Parking garages wear down over time, being driven on so much.
Reese: Right, but the government can hire a contractor for that. There isn’t any sensitive information in here, and of course it goes straight to the outside, which means we don’t have to worry as much about clearance.
Myka: What about the information inside of people’s cars?
Reese: No one should have any data just lying around in their cars.
Myka: What about the VIN, and the license plate numbers?
Reese: True, but we won’t have permanent hires who can do what you’re talking about.
Myka: My dad painted highway lines. I can do it myself if I have to.
Reese: You’re taking on too much yourself, and doing it too quickly. Slow down, and prepare to delegate to others. The first round of employees are coming in tomorrow.
Myka: That’s exactly why I’m looking at all this now, so I can, not only delegate the tasks, but prioritize them.
Reese: I get that. Just don’t work too hard. You’re not here to do grunt work. I was clear on that when I was discussing this whole thing with the OSI Director and SI Eliot. We are the bosses. [...] What are you looking at now?
Myka: There are two ways into the building from the garage. The big one takes you directly to operations. The other is this rusty metal door.
Reese: Have you opened it?
Myka: No, but according to the plans, it’s a maintenance access tunnel that subverts the main floors, and gets you down to the basement relatively quickly.
Reese: Makes sense. I imagine the boiler room is down there.
Myka: As are the detainment cells for the Ochivari.
Reese: What are you driving at?
Myka: This could be the best way to escort them to where they need to be, but I need to figure out how to get this open so I can check it out. We can’t have the aliens being able to reach out and pull at exposed power cables, or whatever. Can you help me?
Reese: Yeah, we’ll try. *grunting*
Myka: *grunting*
Reese: It’s sealed shut. We’re gonna need tools...and a professional.
Myka: Well, I can do it.
Reese: Let me guess, your mother was a welder.
Myka: *laughing* No, but I can watch a tutorial on VidChapp.
Reese: Myka, we were literally just talking about this. I’ll make a call, and get this door open. Why don’t you go back to the mezzanine? Leonard is anxious about the agents coming in next week. You should talk to him before we’re all too busy to help.
Myka: Okay, I can do that. I need to put a measuring tape in my shopping cart anyway.

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