Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Microstory 1953: Work-Life Balance

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Myka: Hey, I can’t believe I found you. This place is a lot bigger and mazier than I thought it was. I think there’s an entire sublevel we haven’t seen yet.
Leonard: Hey. Yeah, I believe that’s where they plan on keeping the Ochivari. It’s cold and empty; no bueno for me. I’m here because I’m looking for a place to sleep tonight.
Myka: What’s wrong with my apartment?
Leonard: Nothing. I just have to get out of your hair.
Myka: There’s plenty of space. This is exactly why I’m renting one with a spare room. You are the latest in a long line of freepersons who have stayed there. It’s very important to me that it be available for this reason.
Leonard: Okay, so you’re proving my point. I’ll be able to find my own place soon. My world-appropriate new identity is taking a bit long to process, but once it’s done, I’ll be fine. This is just to tide me over. Turn your extra room back into a safe haven.
Myka: Leonard, you’re the one who needs the room right now. I’ve not really been involved in the bond very much lately, because of all this. My number two has taken over, and they’re about to vote to replace me with her. You can’t stay here.
Leonard: Why not? Let me guess, it’s some kind of zoning issue.
Myka: No zoning issue. This is the government. They may one day expect us to sleep here so we can be on-call 24/7. Do not encourage them to treat us that way. If they find out you bunked here willingly, they’ll start to think that it’s okay. Besides, it’s better for your mental health to not work where you live. I’ve seen it time and time again in my previous job. Half of the time, I was turning over employees because they ended up struggling with the remote work worse than they thought they would. Some people can compartmentalize, but I think it’s better to keep things separate. You at least need a home office that doesn’t double as the bedroom or TV room.
Leonard: Yeah, I get that. I never used my desk at the station. I spent so much time out in the field that someone else took it over. I didn’t mind not having a designated space. I’m used to being on-call. A parole officer’s job isn’t always limited to certain hours.
Myka: It’s not just about you. You would be setting a precedent for the whole office.
Leonard: Oh. Well, I wouldn’t want that. I just...
Myka: What now? I’ve just effortlessly decimated all of your roadblocks.
Leonard: There’s one you haven’t thought of, and I’m afraid to say.
Myka: Say it anyway.
Leonard: I can’t.
Myka: You can tell me anything. I accidentally saw you naked one time.
Leonard: You did.
Myka: What was that? Nothing. Go ahead.
Leonard: *sighs* I really can’t say. But, umm...on a completely unrelated note, since I’m an alien to your world, and its customs, what do the laws and policies say about workplace relationships? Did the contract I signed make them impossible, errr...?
Myka: Oh.
Leonard: It has nothing to do with you. I was just wondering. *starts mumbling*
Myka: Right. Well, I think I’ll let Reese get back to you on that one.

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