Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Microstory 1963: Activated

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Reese: Myka, could you step into my office, please?
Myka: Yeah, I’ll be there in a second.
Reese: The Director wants to speak with all of us, so it’s gotta be right now.
Myka: Oh, right. Sorry. Stopping now.
Reese: *walks down the hall* Leonard, could you—
Leonard: I see her. Coming.
Reese: Oh, and grab one of your chairs. I only have three.
Leonard: Okay.
Reese: Madam Director, you can sit in my chair. It’s nicer than my guest chairs.
Director Washington: This one is fine, thank you.
Reese: All right. *sitting down*
Director Washington: As you’ll recall, yours was not the only team we sent to Wyoming to investigate the Ochivari intrusion. We dispatched a shadow team to follow you. In addition to this, you discovered friends and allies who followed you as well. They are now working in these offices in various capacities. What you may not remember is that there was yet another interested third party in the area. An extra set of footprints was spotted that could not be matched to the fifteen people and aliens we know to have been out there. Obviously, despite the fact that the aliens we have in custody do not seem to wear shoes, we were most worried that there was a fourth one running around out there somewhere. As it turns out, that may not be our greatest threat. To be honest, the aliens have been very well-behaved and cooperative. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’re going to start trusting them, and release them into the wild, but they’re presently in pocket. The entity I’m here to talk with you about not.
Reese: Entity?
Director Washington: Clarification: unknown subject. It has become evident, after the investigative team completed their...investigation, that we have some competition, folks. Ours is not the only agency that is aware of these aliens. We do not know who they are, or how much they know. It could be more, it could be less. It could be another department within our own government, or a foreign actor. We have yet to exorcize enough information from our prisoner.
Reese: You have someone in custody? How did you find them if we don’t know who they may or may not work for?
Director Washington: We found text messages between this individual, and someone else. It’s the scientist who helped us find the aliens in the first place. He first discovered the arrivals incidentally, and we thought that he was working for us, but apparently not.
Reese: Yes, I met him. He seemed a bit sketchy, but not a traitor. What do you want us to do? No one here is any better trained for interrogation than whoever is doing it now.
Director Washington: *shakes her head* That’s not what we need. His whereabouts at the time of the Wyoming trip have been confirmed. The mysterious footprints could not have possibly been his. We’re sending you to find his contact.
Reese: Why us? We’re neither trained, nor ready for this at all?
Director Washington: You and yours are the only people that I can trust right now.

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