Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Microstory 1958: No Offense

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Myka Tennison: You’re Navin, right? That’s how you pronounce it?
Navin Misra: Navin Misra, sir.
Myka: You don’t have to call me sir.
Navin: You’re my boss, right?
Myka: Yes, but I prefer Myka.
Navin: I’m afraid I can’t do that, sir. I’m sorry, it’s just the way that I grew up.
Myka: Okay, I can accept that. So, I just wanted to talk to you. The brass didn’t tell me what experience you have. You’re an expert in maintenance, is it? Or was it cleaning?
Navin: Maintenance and repair, yes. I used to work in an office building. It wasn’t just offices. They had a pool, and a gym, and even a dance studio. To be honest, I never understood what they did. Well, there were multiple companies, but I think they were kind of related. Anyway, I picked up a lot of skills there. I’ve had no formal training. One time a dancer accidentally kicked a hole in the drywall, so I had to figure out how to fix it. That was back before VidChapp, so trial and error was the name of the game. As for cleaning, that’s what I did in prison. So yeah, I suppose you could call me an expert in that too, but it’s really not that hard.
Myka: Okay, great. I’ll really be leaning on your for that, because I don’t have much experience fixing things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to manual labor, but always after someone teaches me how to do it. If you’re good at learning on the job, and improvising, that could really help us around here.
Navin: You’ve done labor? No offense, but how, as a volunteer?
Myka: I’ve held down a few jobs in my day. I didn’t make all my money from stealing. In fact, I never did it enough to pay for much. No bank heists for me.
Navin: Wait, stealing? You’re a thief?
Myka: I was. I’m reformed. I’ve gone legit.
Navin: Why would the government hire someone with a—no offense—checkered past?
Myka: *shrugs* Why did they hire you?
Navin: Because I found out about aliens, and they figured that the best way to keep me quiet was to pay me.
Myka: Yeah, same here.
Navin: I thought you were the boss.
Myka: The boss? No. A boss—your boss, yeah. But I don’t intend to abuse my power. We’ll work together; I won’t just tell you to do everything while I sit in my office all day.
Navin: No, I mean...they put an ex-con in charge of an entire department? No offense.
Myka: This whole place is a department. We’re in Facilities, which is known as its own section. There’s also a field agent section, and a finance section...
Navin: I understand that, I’m just surprised. Does anyone who already worked for the government work here?
Myka: Reese was a Fugitive agent, and Leonard was a parole officer in another life. Other than that, no. The majority of us have what you would call checkered pasts.
Navin: This place is wild. I think I’m gonna need a nap to wrap my head around it.
Myka: Cool. I’ll show you the Chambre de Sieste that I made behind the break room.

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