Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Microstory 123: Hosanna Katz

Little baby Hosanna Katz was a very fussy child, and there was nothing his parents or his doctors could do about it. He would show no symptoms of illness, he was well fed, and was kept clean, but would still continue to cry. As he grew older, he began to understand his ability, but still not control it. Hosanna’s empathy level sat at an extreme. He could sense what others were feeling to such a high degree that he could feel their physical pain, and not just emotions. The problem with this was that each individual has their own mood at any given time. Hosanna was being regularly bombarded with conflicting emotions coming from multiple people simultaneously, and this generally manifested as nausea. He would always feel more comfortable being around a single person at any one time, because being alone left him feeling empty. His parents were able to convince themselves that they tried everything they could to help him, but in the end, they were forced to place him in foster care. He remained in the system for a few years until he was discovered by two other anomalies. They took him in as their grandson and little brother. Both Don and Valary had been using meditation and other calming techniques to channel their abilities so that they could use them on command. They taught Hosanna to do the same, and soon his power increased. He could not only sense other people’s emotions, but control them; ease their pain. He possessed powerful mirror neurons that allowed him to mimic the complex movements of others in real-time, even without seeing them with his eyes. His new family’s love for him allowed him to let go of his anger regarding his old family so that he could use his gift for good. He had a wide range of interests, and could be found floating between the departments of Bellevue, helping wherever he could. He considered his time on the medical team, providing the most natural form of anesthesia in the world, to be the most rewarding. He even had to do that for himself once. Unfortunately, he died before managing to settle into a regular position.

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