Thursday, August 6, 2015

Microstory 119: Hugh Normanson

As obscure and strange as some anomaly abilities were, there was a level logic that could be followed, even if it was misguided or unethical. Hugh Normanson did not make any sense. He presented a similar ability to his distant cousin. But Arthur’s ability to generate detailed artistic paintings was secondary to his photographic memory, and he contributed to society in a myriad of ways. Hugh, on the other hand, could only manipulate paint. Though the Triplets were considered to be the weakest anomalies in terms of fortitude, if amplified, their abilities could be extremely powerful. This was proven when someone who could absorb other people’s abilities used one of their abilities to put out a building fire. Hugh had full control over his power, but it was all but useless. He could channel paint from anywhere in the world, bring it forth instantaneously using the indigo simplex dimension, and then apply it to a surface. Basically, he could paint the room at a fraction of the time, and without the need for brushes or rollers. The question that arose from this is why? Why would the ancient rogue scientists want someone to be able to do this? Though certain dyes and other chemicals existed naturally, commercially manufactured paint did not exist until the modern day. Everyone else’s ability could have hypothetically been used in prehistory, which is why no one had the ability to manipulate electronics, for example. The answer to this question was never paired with an answer, but Hugh didn’t seem to mind. He experienced an unexceptional early life, and didn’t bother telling anyone what he could do. His father, Norman, passed when he was in high school, prompting him to change his last name, even though that was traditionally not done after childhood. He was one of the last anomalies to join Bellevue, and seemed to do so mostly out of boredom. They assigned him to the construction department where he did his thing whenever it was needed. He spent the rest of his time watching television and playing video games. He died never having accomplished much. It happens.

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